Best practice guide to transcription at a hearing

Learn from the experts on how Transcription services can transform the hearing room experience.

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Tuesday 31 January 2023

Tuesday 31 January 2023

11 am GMT

About this webinar

A high quality and accurate transcript is a critical element for dispute proceedings.

Understanding the different types of transcription services available and how they are delivered is essential.

Join this webinar for practical guidance and advice on Transcription.

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Join our solution experts for this live webinar on transcription, where you will:

  • Explore the capabilities and practicalities of transcription during hearings
  • Hear best practices for getting the most out of your transcription service
  • Understand how different types of transcription services can be incorporated into your hearing
  • See how transcription including Realtime works in practice.

The speakers

43036_0370 - Roopal Patel-1

Roopal Patel

Senior Business Development Consultant, Opus 2

17 Sarah Mill

Sarah Mill

Director of Hearing Services, Opus 2

Rob Greene

Rob Greene

Training Manager, Opus 2

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