From virtual to hybrid - navigating arbitration hearings after COVID-19

Maxwell Chambers & Opus 2

Wednesday 26th August, 4pm SGT 


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About the webinar

Since the beginning of this year, Maxwell Chambers and Opus 2 have collaborated closely on providing virtual ADR solutions, enabling legal teams in Asia-Pacific to minimise any disruptions to their case proceedings.


Nearly six months on, Opus 2 have facilitated in excess of 250 virtual/hybrid hearings globally. Maxwell Chambers has since leveraged on its existing virtual/hybrid offerings to facilitate an alternative setting for our clients to navigate through a new era of uncertainties without compromising on their requests.


We are pleased to present this webinar panel discussion chaired by Timothy Cooke, Partner at Stephenson Harwood. He will be joined by Simon C Milnes, Counsel and Arbitrator at Twenty Essex, Chan Leng Sun, Senior Counsel and Arbitrator at Essex Court Chambers Duxton, Katherine Yap, Chief Executive of Maxwell Chambers and Katie-Beth Jones, Sr Business Development Consultant at Opus 2. The panel will reflect on our learnings, lessons and experiences from conducting hearings virtually during the past few months. 


Join our webinar to:

  • hear real stories and reflections on planning and conducting virtual hearings
  • learn best practice and useful insights for your upcoming virtual hearings
  • explore what comes next as we move into a world likely to involve more virtual interactions and remote teams
  • post your questions directly to the panel members
Watch the webinar recording

The speakers


Timothy Cooke, Partner - Stephenson Harwood


Simon C Milnes, Counsel and Arbitrator - Twenty Essex


Chan Leng Sun, Senior Counsel and Arbitrator - Essex Court Chambers Duxton


Katherine Yap, Chief Executive - Maxwell Chambers

Katie-Beth Jones_Opus2_Pic

Katie-Beth Jones, Senior Business Development Consultant - Opus 2