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Case solutions
for leading firms

Manage your cases with collaborative tools, in-depth analysis, and efficient workflows.

Opus 2 transforms how your team prepares for every case, empowering you to better analyze evidence; uncover connections between people, facts, and events; assemble a case chronology; develop the most compelling case narrative; and much more—in one place.

Opus 2 connects:

  • Legal team collaborators
  • Case documents and evidence
  • Review, analysis, and annotations
  • Character and entity profiles
  • Case chronology and timelines
  • Client- and expert-provided documents
  • Dashboards and reporting

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Connect your entire case

Track key details related to the entities in your case and then link to underlying evidence,
plan for depositions, and create virtual binders based for entity-related activities.


Identify and develop facts and events by annotating documents, linking to the source material, and
associating with issues, entities, or other custom metadata unique to your case.



Manage and prepare files securely, building virtual binders without creating copies while using documents
for different tasks including deposition preparation, expert materials, and trial exhibits.

Virtual binders-1-1


Give clients and other stakeholders an on-demand site where they can view data-driven updates,
track case progress, securely exchange information, and more.



Create personalized dashboards to track case-related information upon login.
Quickly see case progress and review activity related to various tasks.

dashboard and reporting


Simplifying complex cases

"Opus 2 is incredibly intuitive to use and requires less training than we've previously been used to. The Opus 2 team always work with us to find the right solution. I can't think of a single occasion when they have said 'no' to one of our requests."

Julie Brown, Director of Practice Technology

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