Opus 2 Case Management

Introducing version 8

We took the great things about Opus 2 Case Management and made it even better.

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What's new in
version 8?

Since 2008, Opus 2 has pioneered cloud-based case preparation technology.

Our platform uniquely offers an integrated, feature-rich solution for modern litigation teams. The new version adds even richer functionality, enhanced productivity capabilities, configurable dashboards, and branded collaboration portals that give you the ability to engage with clients and deliver value in an exciting new way.

In today’s tight market for legal services, the right legal case management software gives your firm a competitive advantage because it reflects how you work and accentuates your expertise rather than making you conform to an off-the-shelf solution everyone is using.

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Configure various widgets to provide customized insight and updates for different users.
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Track entities via a new organizations worksheet.
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Organize files securely into virtual folders without disrupting shared file organization or creating copies, while allowing access for purposes such as deposition preparation, expert materials, and trial exhibits.
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Collaborative portals
Share firm-branded sites that allow clients and third-parties secure, managed access to case materials and information.
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Create fully customizable worksheets to manage and analyze evidence unique to your matter, practice area, or client need.
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New integrations
Move data between Opus 2 projects and applications such as iManage and NetDocuments via a secure API provided by SeeUnity’s Echo Content Synchronization™ (Echo) sync engine.

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Our solution experts provide a demonstration of the new functionality and discuss new and exciting ways to use Opus 2 Case Management.

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453349 - Opus2 Learn about Case Management Version 8 2pp flyer v4_digital-1