Opus 2 Transaction Management

An integrated solution for M&A deal teams



A single connected environment that enables deal teams to work consistently and seamlessly across all aspects of the M&A process

We offer an integrated, collaborative deal workspace for each deal. Customize and templatize your work to complement and reflect your firm’s best practices.

Don’t let write-offs dilute profits or limit client engagement. Give your corporate M&A practice a competitive edge in a tight legal market.

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Streamlined workflow
With due diligence checklists, status tracking, document analysis, analytics, information requests, and portals in one place, users spend less time switching between systems, trying to find things in email, and working on manual tasks.
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With enhanced VDR capabilities and customized firm branding, Opus 2 has created a tailored experience allowing firms to build collaboration tools that match the way firms work.
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Issue flagging
Flag issues as they come up while reviewing documents, then the relevant parties are immediately alerted avoiding costly information delays.
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Comprehensive analytics
Insightful analytics and reporting functionalities enable data-driven decision making and ensure transparency throughout the deal lifecycle.
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Templates and best practices
Use firm-specific templates to build on the knowledge firms have accrued over years of experience and easily capture best practices.
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Closing books
Create closing books in minutes and include customized content for different stakeholders.

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