Best practices in deposition transcript management


Recording available on-demand

Recording available on-demand

The speakers

Stephanie Clerkin - Webinar Speaker Image

Stephanie Clerkin

Director of Litigation Support at Korein Tillery

David Gerkin - Webinar Speaker Image

David Gerkin

Paralegal Manager at Baker Botts

Rachel Head Shot - Website Profile Image

Rachel Bailey

Product Marketing Manager at
Opus 2

Deposition transcripts are key pieces of evidence used during the most intense stage of litigation — trial. They also involve a lot of unique challenges, particularly when it’s time to exchange designations. In this product briefing, hear from Stephanie Clerkin (Director of Litigation Support at Korein Tillery) and David Gerkin (Paralegal Manager at Baker Botts) about best practices for managing deposition transcripts, including how they use Opus 2, a software platform used to analyze, build, and prove your case. 


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During this webinar, the panelists will discuss: 
  • Managing and analyzing large numbers of deposition transcripts 
  • Planning for designation exchanges 
  • Using automated video clips
  • Utilizing technology to cut down on manual labor and duplicative tasks