After AI: How to innovate lawyer intelligence

About the webinar

Artificial intelligence (AI) has become standard in ediscovery, helping litigation teams quickly sift through ever-increasing volumes of data from a multitude of sources, and helping to categorize and prioritize documents for review. But AI is not a replacement for lawyer intelligence (LI). What is LI, and what processes or tools can help litigation teams become more efficient at LI?

In this webinar, we discuss the intersection between AI and LI, including:

  • Benefits and limitations of AI vs LI
  • Consequences of not investing in LI tech
  • How to support LI

We also share real-world examples of how leveraging fit-for-purpose case preparation technology helps litigation teams mitigate risk due to costly errors and create more value for your clients.

Watch the webinar on-demand below.


Kim Bookout, Solution Consultant, Opus 2 InternationalKim Bookout
Solution Consultant, Opus 2 International

Don Fuchs, SVP Business Development, Opus 2 InternationalDon Fuchs
SVP of Business Development, Opus 2 International

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