Effective participation in hearings

Hybrid, in-person or virtual? Explore the different ways to join and participate in hearings.

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About this webinar

Learn how all attendees of a hearing can achieve a fully connected environment no matter where they are situated. This webinar will be the fourth in our Practitioner's Hearings webinar series. 

Our solution experts discuss the options available to enable participants to join and conduct a hearing, whether it is taking place in-person, virtually or hybrid, including:

  • Different options available to join a hearing and the benefits.
  • Best practices when arranging a hearing.
  • How the hearing set up works in practice depending on format and location.

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Your Opus 2 speakers

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Roopal Patel

Head of Hearings, Business Development, EMEA

17 Sarah Mill-2

Sarah Mill

Director of Hearing Services


Fabian Sadler

Senior Case Manager & Public Inquiries Consultant